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The Team

We’re a friendly bunch at ABPM.  We’re not a high street recruiter, we want to spend some time getting to know you and how we can work together.

We have enough experience to know what we’re doing, or at least to ask the right questions when we don’t!  You’ll be in safe hands.  We don’t work with everyone; we’ll tell you if it isn’t quite right for us.  If we can’t help, we’ll point you in the right direction.

You’ll work with a small team to manage your needs, understanding your issues and helping to find the solution.  We’ll be honest with you; we ask that you offer us the same in return.  It works better this way.

Give us a call, find out what we can do for you.

I have been around for a bit, more than I'd probably care to admit.  I must surely now qualify as an honorary Yorkshireman, grumpy and tight seems to be mentioned from time to time.

I'm not your typical recruiter.  Well I hope I'm not, so please, please, please tell me if so, I can change.  I'll be honest and upfront with you.  I think it is the best approach and I'd expect the same from you in return.  I might ask for a bit extra of your time upfront, but it'll be worth it.

I seem to have found a bit of a niche, filling those difficult jobs.  I'm a big fan of a challenge!

Let's see if I can help you.  I will try to point you in the right direction if not.

I work from home a fair bit.  If you hear the kids screaming and fighting after school, don't worry as I assure you this is the norm.  Be more concerned if there is silence, I've given up hope that they'll become house trained.

Give me a call and we can have a chat.  I might even buy you a drink one day, only a half mind.

Paul Graham

Business Manager

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