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Keeping the lines of communication open….!

There are days, in this recruitment lark, that you stumble across your perfect candidate – there they are in black and white looking perfect on paper; and when you speak to them it’s even better – they are ticking all the boxes, making all the right noises and this is it…you are going to place them in their dream job.  The recruitment process will work like clockwork and you are suddenly the best recruiter ever!!

…and then they disappear….off radar….gone forever, usually about 10 minutes before an interview.

Open and Honest Communication!

So, what happened?  They were all warm and friendly, you were getting on great and then nothing!  Of course, no candidate should ever feel pressured to go to an interview or take a job…and yes it inconveniences us and our clients when there is a no show, but more importantly, by disappearing into the ether you can come across as unreliable, flaky and generally unprofessional.  The marketplace isn’t that big, certain paths may cross again!

If this isn’t the role for you, just be honest! Don’t commit to the interview unless you are 100% happy – your recruiter will value this much more.  Ask questions, cover all bases, it is our job to answer these doubts and leave you feeling comfortable prior to an interview.

Honesty really is the best policy. If you are not interested in a job, then don’t commit to the interview. Tell your recruiter that you are not sure and that you have questions. It is OUR job to answer these doubts and to give you more information. Your recruiter should listen and care about your concerns or doubts, as it will help to avoid situations like the above.

More importantly, if you feel you can communicate openly with your recruiter, and they with you, you are much more likely to find your dream job as your recruiter will much better understand what you want and need.

Let’s Work Together!

We want to help you!  Yes, there can be a misconception that all recruiters are in it for the money (and some very much are) but most that I have worked with genuinely want to do the best for their candidates and help secure them that fantastic job.  This in turn means we have done a great job for our client and this reflects well on us – and everybody is a winner, and that feels good!

So, lets communicate! Tell us if the job sounds terrible, or you don’t want to go to the interview, or whatever it is.  Please don’t stand us up – we value our reputation as much as you value yours – so keep yours intact by being professional.