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Interview Day - post author

Post Written by Anna Sharrott


Interview Day

The day of your interview dawns, and if you are taking things seriously then it is only normal that you will have a few nerves to deal with. Your recruiter will have hopefully gone through what to expect, however there is still the fear of the unknown and what will be thrown at you on the day.  The following may help ease you through the process.

By this point you will have covered off the basics and should know exactly where you are heading to, how you are getting there and where you will park.  You will also have double checked the time of your appointment and will be familiar with the names of who you are meeting to avoid any last-minute checking of emails etc when you arrive.  First impressions really do count, from the second you walk into a business, so make sure you have the basics sorted before.

This really should be an obvious point, but look smart!  We shouldn’t have to spell this out as recruiters, but you should always aim to look the part when attending an interview, even if the business you are meeting are on a dress down day or have a casual dress policy. No-one was ever turned down for looking too smart!

Aim to arrive 5-10 mins early, any earlier than this can appear too keen, any later can seem a little sloppy.  If you are running late, please let us know and we can inform the client on your behalf.  They are human, they understand that issues do arise; the last thing you want to do is turn up flustered making excuses for a late arrival.

Remember you are being observed from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave the building, not just by your interviewer but by anybody else that you might encounter.  Keep your manner friendly and open, however be careful not to make inappropriate or silly comments whilst with the business as these are likely to be fed-back to the recruiting manager and could affect the overall outcome of your interview!