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Interview Preparation - post author

Post Written by Paul Graham


Interview Preparation

The dreaded interview…. we want it, and then we get one…. how do we get through the interview process?  

Fortunately, by and large, interviews tend to follow a similar process these days.  There will obviously be slight variations depending on the business and how they operate, but some thorough preparation should see you through most of these situations without too much panic.  We are there to assist you through this process and offer as much guidance as we can, but naturally there will also be times where we are not fully aware of what is going to happen during the interview, so you will need to use your initiative at times!

The more effort you put into your preparation, the easier and better the interview process will be.  You’re not going to have the perfect answer for every question but give yourself the best chance and run through those typical interview questions – either to yourself or get your friend/partner/spouse to throw some at you!  Thorough preparation should easily transfer across all the roles you are interviewing for, and then you will be able to specifically tailor your answers on each individual role.

Most interviews will have a competency focus to them, but this does not always mean it will be a formal process. Organisations will like to see that you can back up your answers with examples and that you can demonstrate where you have added value, dealt with problems, managed multiple timescales, prioritised work etc.  It will be worth your while having five or six examples that you can call upon, even if you don’t use them all.

A popular, tried and tested technique is STAR technique that provides some really good guidance. 

As a final thought, intelligent and well thought out questions for your interviewer are an absolute must.  It shows that you have a genuine interest in the business, the role, the team etc. as well as making sure you are fully versed in everything this role is going to offer you. Once you have all the information required, it will allow you to make an informed decision, when that offer does come!  It should go without saying that questions regarding holidays, parking, working hours and sick pay are probably not right to ask at this time…

Now, if you have gone through the above and feel prepared for the interview this next section does not apply to you.  However, there are job seekers that decide to not turn up for their interview! Despite the fact we, as an agency, have spent time going through thorough interview preparation and guidance, the client has booked out an interview time; some candidates feel it is acceptable to simply no show.

It would seem that we are unlucky as we do fall foul to many accidents, illnesses, dog ate homework and lost phones prior to interview! Of course, some things cannot be avoided or if you decide the role is just not for you, a simple text, or if the dog has eaten your phone/homework, an email in the dead of night would be appreciated!

Failing to show up does no favours for anyone and there may be a time when you need help again.  Elephants, recruitment consultants and databases do not forget!