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Post Written by Anna


What is a Recruiter?

Having worked in recruitment for well over a decade, sometimes it is clear that there is still a bit of a negative reputation surrounding what we as recruiters do.  For some reason, we are often categorised alongside other, equally disdained industries (can’t print them here)! Usually considered to be basic sales people, who are out to make a quick buck by throwing enough mud until it sticks. 
The reality is, mostly we are in the business of building long lasting, professional relationships, not just filling a job with a bit of luck and a tailwind and that being the end of it!  We care more for meeting the requirement of a Client and Candidate than a putting the fee on the board and then running for the hills. 

I’ve attempted to change perceptions and open the minds of both Clients and Candidates to what a recruiter might be! 

Not a Quick Fee on the Board.

Building knowledge of a business takes time, and therefore catching up for a chat to build on that knowledge, even when there are no vacancies, is a hugely important part of our job – and it helps us be a better recruiter for you!  Of course, most recruiters are working to targets of some kind but it’s not just chalking up a number for the sake of it. 

Rather than being viewed as a pushy sales person, I would love if Recruiters began to be viewed for their actual purpose: as a partner to your business, a skilled match maker and a human being!

Here at ABPM we are not just and will never be a ‘one size fits all’ recruiter – we appreciate and understand the need to change the way we work to suit you and your business – and you as an individual.  This is straight down the line for both Clients and Candidates.  We are individuals too. 

Candidates can use our resource and coaching skills – being able to offer market advice, interview prep, valuable insight to potential employers – just sharing our knowledge to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible! 

Above all else, remember your Recruiter is a human going about their day to day, just like you!